Yoga Poses


Yoga not only works on improving your mental health and peace of mind but simultaneously works on the rest of your body too. Every pose, breathing technique in yoga is aimed at some or the other body part. Learning all the Yoga poses will help you keep various ailments of your body at bay, helping you live better and healthier. But which poses help you get rid of what illnesses? Read on to know more!


The snake pose, which resembles a cobra with a raised hood has numerous benefits. First of all, the entire body stretches – giving your shoulders, back and neck a good, strain-relieving stretch. It not only improves the flexibility of your body but also strengthens core muscles. If you have menstrual irregularities, you should practice Bhujangasana every day. You will soon notice the difference in your consequent menstrual patterns. It also reduces belly fat and opens up the respiratory tract, improving your breathing pattern. This, in turn, helps you get rid of any breathing ailments



The bow pose, this has proved to be very useful in aiding weight loss. If you have appetite issues, this asana is perfect to improve not only your appetite but also any digestion related problems. It works wonders to strengthen your ankles, groin, thighs, and chest too. It is also beneficial to improve the functioning of reproductive organs. The curved stretch which this asana gives your back strengthens the overall back muscles and your core too.


The perfect solution to thyroid-related issues, this yoga pose compresses the neck, thus stimulating the thyroid glands. This asana mainly works wonders for your spinal cord, making it strong and flexible. Also, those who are troubled with the symptoms of menopause, this asana will relieve you of all menopause-related symptoms. Those whose glucose levels keep fluctuating; this asana is great to stabilize and regulate your glucose levels.



The child pose, it works best for those troubled with back related issues. This asana will immediately relieve you of your back strain. It is excellent to reduce the overall stress and tension in your entire body. It works wonders for your knees too, by strengthening the ligaments and tendons. Regulated breathing is another advantage of performing this asana regularly. If you constantly feel dizzy or tired, this is one asana to help you out of it.