Legends Craze


Gaming lovers out there, there’s something new out there for you all! While most of you must have already caught up with the Apex legends Craze, those who are still hung on PUBG and other action games, you have to give this exciting new game a try! And I’m sure you’ll be impressed by the content of this game – super fun and fantastic to pass your time with!

It is almost incomprehensible to explain how quickly the craze of Apex Legends has caught up with gamers all over the world. The followers of the game Apex Legend has been massively increasing by the day. The craze of this new game almost blew up gaming world – with nearly 2.5 crore people downloading it in the first week itself! This game comes from the makers of the popular game Titanfall 2, and that somewhat explains why Apex Legends has got so much of attention from gamers – however, the reaction of players which this game actually received was a hell lot more than expected! Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA Games, Apex Legends received staggering downloads of 1 crore in the first 72 hours – catching up with its counterpart Titanfall 2.counterpart Titanfall 2.

Apex Legends is receiving love not only from gamers but also from reviewers and critics across the globe. The game is winning a lot of praise and acclaim for its concept and idea – and that proves that games coming from this source will never disappoint.

Also, the popularity of Apex Legends was so much that it influenced the popularity of another similar game – Apex Construct – which people mistakenly downloaded assuming it was Apex Legends! However, these scammed gamers soon realised their blunder and got back to the original Apex Legends in no time. So for those who want to download this game without getting confused, keep this in mind-  Apex Legends is an EA Origin Exclusive – it’s not available on Steam. This will fetch you the original Apex Legends game.


So don’t sit around and wait – this rest of the world has already caught up with the Apex legends fever – what are you waiting for? Get your version downloaded and start playing right away – we’re sure even you’ll be impressed with this game and its overall concept! Don’t forget to drop a review and get other gaming lovers into this craze too!